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Since our founding, we have worked with multiple Health Plans, Independent Provider Associations (IPA), Rural Health Centers (RHC), Federally Qualified Health Centers (FQHC), Surgery Centers (ASC), and Private practice. Our founders are firm believers in presenting all patients with high-quality care by providing patients the tools to be successful in their health journey. The biggest compliment to our team is knowing the patients we touch through our messaging platform are receiving potentially life-saving care and that the doctors who use our systems are recognized for it by achieving high performance in HEDIS/STARS, CAHPS, and HCC/RAF.

Our Mission

The majority of growth in the healthcare sector comes from the movement of traditional care models to managed care models.  Medicare Advantage, Medicare Direct, and Medicare ACO are great examples of this.  While these new models of care have a lot of great benefits to patients, many new patients report feeling very lost in these new care models.  Our goal is the bridge that gap and make every patient feel like their health plan and doctors have a VIP concierge just for them.  

We are more than a cloud communication and patient engagement platform.  The intelligent architecture of the system allows no point of data to be lost, operational efficiency, and true accountability of those outreaching and providing care of the lives we aim to serve.

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